Warren Buffett

“I was terrified of speaking in public. I avoided any class that would require it. Then I finally signed up for a Dale Carnegie course when I got out of school. I spent 100 bucks. I got this little diploma. I proposed to my wife during the term of the course, so I really got my…

Michael Milken

Once I was meeting with a very brave man, President Gorbachev, when he asked “how do we get into venture capital?” So I told him that in early stage financing it’s quite possible 7 out of ten start up companies will fail. He asked me “do you put those 7 people who failed in jail?”…


“At Wikipedia, it was very common for wealthy or famous people to tell me that they were unhappy about their article. And I was very happy to tell them whether I thought the article was fair. But what was awesome was that I had no ability to make anybody change it.” –Sue Gardner

Save the children CEO Carolyn Miles

“We were driving in Manila to our hotel from the airport, and at a stoplight a woman came to the window. She was among the local beggars and she was holding her baby who was about the same age as my six month old son. I thought about this little baby who would go through life having…

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini

“We had ten CEOs and 14 Congressional legislators at a dinner. I told the group that Aetna was not “my” company but that I was a steward of the company for the shareholders. I then said to the legislators this isn’t your Congress. You are stewards of the American dream. They said,  as a CEO what you say goes….