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Iconic VoicesWhere extraordinary is spoken

Iconic Voices was inspired by work I had done interviewing and getting to know some of our country’s leaders in business and government over the years at Forbes, and then at Directorship Magazine, which I founded, and at the National Association of Corporate Directors. Their extraordinary stories impelled me to bring these vignettes to a wider audience, but to do so in the subject’s own words and with a touch of humanity. Each interview can be viewed merely for entertainment value, for advice on life and business, and most especially for the fact that they are uniquely American stories, and powerful reminders of how important leadership is to our future.

I expect to produce as many as 6-10 interviews per year, some of which will be live at the Cronkite School here at Arizona State University. Others will be filmed as video interviews and screened at the Cronkite School for a student audience.

About Jeff Cunningham

Previously: served as publisher of Forbes magazine, where I succeeded Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. In the publishing space I was also publisher of American Heritage magazine, founder and editor-in-chief of Directorship Magazine, the leading publication for corporate board directors, and also was a senior executive with BusinessWeek. Lord William Rees-Mogg, editor of The Times of London, described me as “one of the top media professionals in America.”

My other career highlights reflect my decision to leave publishing for Internet venture capital in 1998: Portfolio advisor to Highland Capital, venture capital partner with Schroder Ventures Internet Finance Fund, president of technology incubator CMGI where I was CEO of the portfolio that included Zip2 (Elon Musk’ first start up) and, and CEO of CareerTrack, a Knowledge Universe company, Michael Milken’s education technology fund.

Returning to publishing with an Internet spin in 2005, I launched a corporate governance publication, Directorship Magazine and a companion website, appointing myself to the editor in chief role in addition to founder and CEO. While I was not 100% confident of success, at least I was fairly sure I wouldn’t get fired.

And so began my writing career with a focus on business and innovation and how they are affected by regulation and litigation, strategy and the C Suite, with occasional outbursts on geopolitics and war, sustainability and education, labor and unions, and politics for those times it becomes too unbearable not to say something.

Some of the  global leaders I have profiled or interviewed include Warren Buffett, Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Leo Strine and Chief Justice Myron Steele, Obama National Security Advisor General James Jones, SEC chair Mary Schapiro, legal counselor Marty Lipton, Wikipedia’s Sue Gardner,  IBM’s Sam Palmisano, HP’s Meg Whitman, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Hugh Shelton, Aetna’s Mark Bertolini, Senate Finance Chair Spencer Bachus, Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein, Banking Committee chair Barney Frank, philanthropist Michael Milken, Freeport McMoRan CEO, Richard Adkerson.

I have also served as a board director of 10 public companies, including Data General, Schindler of Switzerland, Countrywide, Bankrate, Premiere Global, PageNet, Equivest, Genuity, and Jim Cramer’s In non profit areas, I have  served as a trustee for The Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Middle East Institute and the British North American Council. I currently serve on the board of ASU’s McCain Institute, a geopolitical think tank.

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